Welcome to Kinderschool

Academic excellence (comprehension and retention) happens when the student experiences a feeling of belonging in an emotionally secure community setting. The strength of this programme lies in the emphasis on the basic motivational factor in human learning - Encouragement. Encouragement is the process of concentrating on a child's assets and strengths, in order to build his/her self confidence and feelings of worth. 

Who We Are

When children have a feeling of belonging there is no need for a child to act out. Without misbehavior much time is saved for learning and although we focus on play, the relaxed atmosphere promotes much comprehension and retention of cognitive materials. After over 50 years, most of our students attend post secondary education and lead happy, useful lives. We have even welcomed some of “their” children to learn and grow within our Kinderschool community.

I can learn facts anytime, but only now through play, will I develop my emotional script, a pre-requisite for my whole life’s mental health.