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Kinderschool offers a varied and flexible selection of days and times to suit your family’s needs.

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Saturday November

10th, 2018


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6th, 2019


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22nd, 2019

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Parenting Help Sessions - Every Wednesday Afternoon at the School from 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Kinderschool runs free Parenting Help Sessions during the school year (September - June). Join Teacher Joanne Flynn with fellow parents for effective solutions to any parenting challenge you may have in an open and relaxed setting. Exclusively at Kinderschool! Popular topics include bedtime, winning co-operation, dawdling, tantrums, anger, food issues, sibling rivalry, sleepless nights, restoring privacy, laziness, in-laws, perfection, revenge, undue attention, whining, guilt feelings and many others.

Join us and get the very best parenting solutions. OPEN TO EVERYONE!

Observation Days

All parents of registered students are invited to attend a 20 minute session in the class they are registered in for September 2019 on either Tuesday May 28th or Wednesday May 29th. An email invitation to book your child's time will be sent to the parents of registered students in the beginning of May.